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What is Primal Web?

Do you want to be part of a community that is taking the ancestral health movement to the next level?

We're all about rediscovering the traditions that kept our ancestors healthier and probably happier than us. We’re making good use of emerging fields of science, without being limited by the dogma of the latest trendy diet!

You could call it paleo 2.0, or perhaps it's our 'primal solution' – either way, we give you the tools to see what works for YOU.

Being 'well' goes far beyond diet. We need a food revolution; a health revolution; a happiness revolution; but one that also cares about climate change and some of the world's other BIG problems too. What’s the point nourishing our children if we’re wrecking their future home!

Interested? Then join in, it's free.

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Who is Primal Web?

CarolineMy path has wound through an education in environmental conservation and work as Dales National Park Ranger, to running a 600 acre farm the heart of the Lakes, creating an 100% grass fed meat business and has landed me as a campaigner for better human, animal and planetary health. My years in Mountain Rescue and love of outdoor sports has kept my adventurous soul satisfied. I live with the man of my dreams and am responsible for three wild children who are being raised to question EVERYTHING.

Stephen I rebel against society's accepted rules and have a love for outdoor adventure that has involved everything from hang gliding, sailing, canoeing, walking, and camping to teaching the kids bush craft skills. Eating ‘primally’ has healed my chronic joint pain, reflux and allowed me to feel younger than I did 10 years ago. I’m a Heritage builder with a passion for discovering natural historic solutions for creating healthier homes.

Vanessa I'm a nutrition and movement enthusiast. Always evaluating my footprint on this planet and keen to find my way back to being HUMAN. I've developed a love relationship with experimenting and testing my boundaries. I've spent 3 years 'unlearning' all I thought I knew and I'm loving it. My biggest dream is to move to the Lake District in the UK and live a wild, adventurous lifestyle! It's how my life should be.

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Upcoming Webinar

An omnivore diet can be more sustainable than a vegan diet – learn how

An omnivore diet can be more sustainable than a vegan diet - learn how It has become an accepted 'fact' that eating the meat is bad for the environment and that becoming vegan is the answer to saving the planet, but is it true?

Book, Film and Product Reviews

We are a bit obsessed with all things ancestral health. Caroline has read more books on soil science than you probably even knew existed, and Vanessa is a podcast junkie with an worryingly deep knowledge of how our bodies work! In this section you'll find our reviews of some of the hundreds of books, films and products that we have 'consumed' so you can decide if they seem like a good option for you.

More About Primal Web

We'll bring you videos, podcasts, webinars blog posts and articles covering all angles of ancestral health and feeling fabulous.

Join in with our lively, supportive and knowledgeable community on our very own social media platform the 'web.' You could rub shoulders with some well-known names in paleo 2.0 circles, find like minded buddies and chat to us 'avatar to avatar!'

We'll be publishing our own exclusive articles, podcasts and hosting webinars on subjects we think will really inspire you or tackling hot topics we know will spark debate.

We're available most days on the site to 'chat' to you, offer suggestions and point you in the right direction. (See our chat times)

We’re also doing a bit of 'wheeling and dealing' to secure you some amazing deals on products, services and events that we know you’ll love and fit our principles.

Our site – like us – is ever evolving. If you don’t want to miss the good stuff then join up NOW.

We've healed ourselves by following an ancestral approach, so we know it works, but we nearly fell out of love with the paleo diet because of some of the strict rules and judgemental attitudes that tend to follow the paleo diet around.

Native populations throughout the world did - and in some cases still do - enjoy optimal health while eating a diet that varied massively.

If you're a competitive ‘paleothlete’ striving for 100% then you’d best trot on; this site is probably not for you!

If you're hopelessly imperfect – like us - but strive for better health, body shape, fitness and want a happy fulfilled life while making conscious ethical choices, then we can most certainly be friends.

Our world, and how we use it is different today; we need to be flexible enough to take the ancient wisdom and blend it with the contemporary elements of life that our ancestors would have benefited from and adopted had they been available.

We now have the gift of hindsight AND good science, and we think it's compatible. The common factor in all healthy populations is that they’re free from highly processed foods, sugars and chemicals. The quality of the food available was better, and the lifestyle habits of the community promoted health – there are hundreds of factors that create wellness; even down to the power of belief! We want to look at them all, some may suit you, some will not – it's your choice.

Having a diet that is designed to make us healthy is fantastic, but if our planet can't sustain it or it negatively affects animals and people out of our westernised view, then is it right? We take this question VERY seriously and are doing some pretty cool work to help fix our broken food system. We believe that our 'primal solution' not only makes YOU healthier but has the potential to restore our planet and its inhabitants back to robust health.

So if you're a Parent who wants to give their child a taste of the 'wild and free' experiences that shaped you, but you’re scared of being judged – step on up, we will support you and bring you loads of ideas and stories from people like us who let our children climb trees and get muddy. Yes really! Our children can't sit still and aren't always focused at school; do you know why? Because children are not designed to be sitting in a classroom all day.

Do you want to get fit but would rather boil your own head than go to a gym? We totally understand and have some amazing ideas that will get you seriously buff, won't lead to knee replacements, will work for the whole family and don't involve making brawn with your own body parts!

If you care deeply about animal welfare and keeping our precious planet healthy, but a vegan or vegetarian diet is making you sick, then we can help. Our 'ethical omnivore' approach has been motivated by finding a solution to these issues. We truly believe our diet is both kinder and more sustainable than any other diet – we can show you why.

A 'food web' could be described as the transfer of energy between species and how they interact with the environment in an ecosystem. We always were, and should still be, a part of this ecosystem. Our 'primal web' is an attempt to find a new way of finding harmony in a modern world. To achieve REAL health and wellness our environment has to be healthy too.

So become part of our primal web, join now and you'll get access to the whole site, you can make use of our members only 'live chat' advice service and find a wealth of resources at your fingertips.

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